Sunday, 21 December 2014

Cheap clobber (8)

Another visit to the "cut Price" shop.
It´s getting colder and I´ve been on the search for a decent pair of shoes for winter conditions. Nothing decent enough (size  or style wise)  had turned up in the various places that I go hunting but this time there was the near perfect pair.
Nothing too fancy,(keeps the cleaning down to a  polish) and decent "None slip" soles.

Along with the shoes, I got a couple of scarfs. Granted, they are slightly different widths and lengths but they are all made from wool and at 50 Cents a scarf, you won´t hear me complaining.
And when getting winter scarfs, why not a few silk neckscarfs? Also 50 Cent a Pop.
How much the for the lot?  Considering the shoes were a bit of a state when I found them, scuffed and they hadn´t seen polish for an Age, I managed to deal the whole lot down to 12 euros which means the shoes cost  a fiver :-D

Saturday, 20 December 2014

All that Jazz -2

Another 10 "Mod" Jazz tunes.

Paul & Rick - Hen House (1967)
The Pac-Keys - Dig In  (1966)
Chuck Higgins Sorry 'Bout That (1960)
Eric Kloss - Comin' home Baby (1967) - (A cover of Mel Torme´s tune..Below)

Mel Torme - I'm Comin' Home   (1962)
King Curtis - Free For All (1961)
Bobby Jenkins And His Quartet - Troubles (1962)
Floyd White - Finders Keepers (1958)
The Miles Grayson Trio - You Were Wrong (1965)
Freddy Washington's Band - Congo Buggie (1953)

All the above  tracks can be found on Mod jazz and then Some
Also included on the collection;
2. DIG IN - Pac Keys
3. HARD WORKING GIRL - Clarence Daniels & Obie Jessie
5. HEN HOUSE - Paul & Rick
6. SISTER SADIE - Shirley Scott
7. SATURDAY NIGHT STOMP (INST) - Eddie 'Blues Man' Kirkland
8. LEAVIN TOWN - Nightbeats
9. FREE FOR ALL - King Curtis
11. THAT'S A LIE - Billy Larkin
12. WATERMELON WALK - Five Counts
13. CONGO BUGGIE - Freddy Washington's Band
14. CHILI WITH HONEY - Danny Bell & The Bell Hops
16. COOKING IN GREASE - Reuben Wilson
17. TROUBLES - Bobby Jenkins & His Quartet
18. SORRY 'BOUT THAT - Chuck Higgins
19. COMIN' HOME BABY - Eric Kloss
20. IN THE DARK - Dave Hamilton
21. BUCKET FULL OF SOUL - Trudy Pitts
22. NATURE BOY - Etta Jones
23. YOU WERE WRONG - Miles Grayson
24. EL TACOS - Frenchy & The Chessmen

Friday, 12 December 2014

All that Jazz

The 1959 novel Absolute Beginners describes modernists as young modern jazz fans who dress in sharp modern Italian clothes.
Not all Modern Jazz is "listenable" or "cool" enough to have that "Modernist Sound" but there are some cracking tunes, especially from the late 50´s and the 60´s.
Here´s ten to start with.
Alvin Cash and The Crawlers - Twine Time (1965)
B.B King -3 O'clock Stomp Aka Poontwangie (1962)
Dave "Baby" Cortez - Rinky Dink  (1962)
Dave Davani Four - The Jupe (1965)
George Stone -  Hole in the Wall  (1965)
Jr Walker & the All Stars -   Cleo's Mood (1966)
Mike Vickers - On the Brink (1965)
Terrell Prude - Frog-Eyes (1963)
The Young-Holt Trio - Wack Wack (1966)
Willie Mitchell  - 30-60-90 (1969)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cheap clobber (7)

Another Little collection of additions, Shirt, scarf and coat, all for 8 euros the lot.
The herringbone pattern caught my eye.
For 6 euros, you can´t really complain eh?
Ok, it isn´t pure silk but it´s worth the 50 Cents.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sawdust Caesers

"These long-haired, mentally unstable, petty little hoodlums, these sawdust Caesars who can only find courage like rats hunting in packs, came to Margate with the avowed intent on interfering with the life and properties of its inhabitants." Part of the speech made by Dr George Simpson, chairman of Margate magistrates as he passed sentence on 4 who had taken part in the disturbances in margate , 1964.

Part of it became a catchphrase and the titel to Tony Beesley´s Book, which covers the rise of the Modernist style from the late 50´s and it´s development into present times. Not an easy Thing to cover and record the "movement" which has gone through a lot of alterations since it´s beginings over 50 years ago,  but Tony has covered it extremely well, combining photos with the voices of modernists who have lived and breathed it´s history.

A definate "Must have" for anyone interested in Modernism

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blast from the past (3)

Just got hold of this bit of 60´s Technology, a 1961/62
Loewe Opta  
Bella - Luxus 6730 W
The Sound, which is deep and rich kicks modern Radios into the Long grass.
Fully functional, it was in a bit of a mess when I got it and needed a lot of cleaning, the box had coffee Cup stains, the dials had to be removed for cleaning, the glass had a thick layer of grime over it. At some Point the material covering the Speaker will have to be taken off and cleaned.
It´s big and heavy, 44 x 27,5 x 21 cm and weighs 6kg´s.
When it was first produced this cost DM269.....quite a lot back then and calculated (using THIS online converter) into it´s equivalent worth these days would cost DM1088.99 or 556.77 Euros!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Cheap clobber (6)

Just when I was in the market for a decent winter coat...and one turns up.
3/4 length coat...57% Alpaca and 43% wool mix...6 euros :-D
Best bit is the maker...Loro Piana.