Sunday, 21 December 2014

Cheap clobber (8)

Another visit to the "cut Price" shop.
It´s getting colder and I´ve been on the search for a decent pair of shoes for winter conditions. Nothing decent enough (size  or style wise)  had turned up in the various places that I go hunting but this time there was the near perfect pair.
Nothing too fancy,(keeps the cleaning down to a  polish) and decent "None slip" soles.

Along with the shoes, I got a couple of scarfs. Granted, they are slightly different widths and lengths but they are all made from wool and at 50 Cents a scarf, you won´t hear me complaining.
And when getting winter scarfs, why not a few silk neckscarfs? Also 50 Cent a Pop.
How much the for the lot?  Considering the shoes were a bit of a state when I found them, scuffed and they hadn´t seen polish for an Age, I managed to deal the whole lot down to 12 euros which means the shoes cost  a fiver :-D

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