Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cheap clobber (1)

It doesn´t have to cost a fortune, just ime, to find the right clothes to wear.
These three items, along with a rather nice Poloshirt and a scarf, I "discovered" at a local secondhand shop. The total Price I paid for them wouldn´t cover the cost of buying the Poloshirt new, let alone the rest of the kit.
3/4 length Trenchcoat made by Bugatti.-10 euros
Buttondown Shirt by Daniels and Korf - 1 Euro 

 Bally scribe brogues- 8.50 euros.
I´ve had a pair of brogues in the past but nowhere near as nice looking as these (they Show up a bit red in the second photo) and after looking up the Price of getting a pair new, nowhere near as expensive.

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