Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Style Tutorial

The pics below are from a really excellent FB Page called The Style Tutors.  They Feature some pretty amazing clobber, if I had the Money, their suggestions would keep my bank account very low.

There seems to be a constant discussion as to wether Modernists  should keep to the 60´s original style or look Forward and expand the look.
With a lot of the featured stuff on the Style Tutors page there´s enough (if you´ve the Money) to find something to add to the "original" look with Little subtleties...different types of desertboots, colour combinations etc. They also have regular links to other sites that give tips on all Areas of clothes...like how to care for, wear and and..

There´s really no Need to have to Resort to defining your Modernism with an overpriced re-pro italian style suit (that invariably does not fit) or by wearing a  parka covered in badges and patches.

Below are a couple of thier pics. Chosen because,
1. I like the combinations and ...
2. I´ve got most of the clobber to be able to make up the Combos.....I´ll have to find the waistcoats somehow :-D

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