Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blast from the past (2)

Bit´s and pieces from my "scrapbook" from 78-/79 - 84-/85.

A brand new GP for 402 quid with VAT!!
As far as I remember the "Disco" was bloody awefull..virtually None of what was promised and asking the DJ for anything decent was a waste of time.
Mr Piller. The write up (don´t ask me which paper or mag it was in) that went with the pic is on another page. It says that Eddie is 18 at the time of the article. I won´t print what Eddie Said in the article as we all know, journos do tend to take things out of context.  
A cut up Flyer.
Don´t remember a topless dancer..maybe they meant that one of the blokes got thier Shirts off....
Paul Weller "getting back to nature"  in his Style council days..

Sadly ecstatic. That their heroes are News!
Looking at these newspaper clppings you´d think mayhem ruled, but as I said above, journos do tend to the creative side of presenting what happened. For instance..note the Headline with Death threat in inverted commas.
Just one of the many pages in the "scrapbook".

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