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The first post on this blog and to kick off, The first record I ever bought a couple of weeks after it´s release in 1979.
Unlike the Operatic Version of the music, there is no booklet but a great centre "page" spread featuring all the main characters from the film..Jimmy is shown 4 times to represent his quadrophenic personality.

This is the 2000 CD release and like the Record Version, contains the following tracks;
  1. "I Am the Sea" 
  2. "The Real Me" 
  3. "I'm One" 
  4. "5:15" 
  5. "Love Reign O'er Me" 
  6. "Bell Boy" 
  7. "I've Had Enough" 
  8. "Helpless Dancer" 
  9. "Doctor Jimmy" 
  10. "Zoot Suit" (The High Numbers) 
  11. "Hi-Heel Sneakers" (Cross Section) 
  12. "Get Out and Stay Out" 
  13. "Four Faces"
  14. "Joker James" 
  15. "The Punk and the Godfather"
  16. "Night Train" (James Brown) 
  17. "Louie Louie" (The Kingsmen) 
  18. "Green Onions" (Booker T. & the M.G.'s) 
  19. "Rhythm of the Rain" (The Cascades) 
  20. "He's So Fine" (The Chiffons) 
  21. "Be My Baby" (The Ronettes) 
  22. "Da Doo Ron Ron" (The Crystals) 
  23. "I'm the Face" (The High Numbers)
Jimmy (Phil Daniels) and Dave (Mark Wingett)
  Peter Fenton (Garry Cooper) and Steph (Leslie Ash)
The Face (Sting )
Kevin Herriot (Ray Winstone)
Ferdy (Trevor Laird) Chalky (Philip Davis), Dave, Jimmy and Spider (Gary Shail)

Jimmy, Ferdy, Monkey (Toyah Wilcox) Dave and Steph.
John (John Altman) and the Party Host (Simon Gipps-Kent)
Based in 1965, the film contains a few historical mistakes, like SX and GP Lambrettas and The Who Album "the who sell out"  with a 1970´s cover in the Party Scene but it´s a great film and, apparently, there´s to be a Sequel, which will be based on the book "To be someone 2"by Peter Meadows.

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