Monday, 12 May 2014

The Purple Hearts - My life´s a Jigsaw

Formed in London in 1977, they still gig at the time of writing and have thier own web page PURPLE HEARTS.

The Name of the band Comes from  Purple Hearts, (or Dexy´s) the nickname  given to triangular blue tablets containing Dexamyl, a combination of  Amphetamine and Barbiturate  tablets and popular with  1960 Mods. Jimmy, the main character in the 1979 Who  Film Quadrophenia, takes a large amount of Purple hearts at a Party then seems to have an attack of amphetamine not a drug to be played with.
Even after all the years it´s still got it´s Jigsaw style cover in one Piece!
The rear of the dust jacket...
B-Side - Just To Please You/Guy Who Made Her A Star

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